Office 2016 Crosses Multiple Platforms

If you find working across multiple platforms problematic, Microsoft has your solution with Office 2016. The new version is now in preview for IT specialists and developers, and we like how it will be consistent across PC and Mac platforms and on all devices.

Consistency is a big deal, especially for on-the-go business users who switch between Windows and Mac operating systems as well as switching among computers and devices. There have been differences in application-use options and appearances when opening Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and your annoyance has increased with your level of urgency when you need to work.

Some nice touches for Office 2016 include color-coded headers that correspond to the apps you have open. That’s a great little convenience when you’re working with a Word doc and Excel file – and maybe with a PowerPoint presentation open, too. As you get into working with an app, the ribbon will have a “Tell Me What You Want to Do” box where you can type in your request, such as inserting a table or a picture. You’ll get a list of options.

Outlook will be more customizable to your computer’s or device’s screen, and the photo application within Office 2016 will automatically orient any photo you insert to the portrait or landscape mode so that you’re no longer stuck with an upside-down or sideways view.

Office 2016 should also be better at keeping data from falling into the wrong hands. Expanded use of the “Data Loss Protection” feature, previously found only in Outlook, Exchange, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint allows administrators to create rules to prevent things like leaks of personally identifying information, such as emails that appear to contain social security numbers.

Office 2016 is available for the Mac, while the Windows version is for developers and IT professionals. Following the Microsoft trend, it’s available by subscription, which we like because it keeps the program up to date for all performance and security solutions.

Those of you who have Office 365 will be able to get Office 2016 as part of your update rights. That’s one of the benefits of the subscription. If we’re holding volume licenses for your business, we’ll give you your upgrade when we can both maximize installation efficiency.

We’ll keep you updated on how we like working with our version of Office 2016, but if you’re ready for an office update, don’t wait. We can help you buy and install Office 365 now and then guide you smoothly through the transition to the latest version. If you’re not sure whether you should use the subscription version of Office or buy it outright, we can present the pros and cons of each for you. Just remember, if you buy it outright, we can’t install or reinstall your software without the disk and serial number.

Call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us with any questions you have about Office 365 and what’s coming in Office 2016. We can help you install it and sync it for all of your licensed computers and devices.