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About Sterling Rose LLC

Building Solutions through Partnership and Planning

Like a constantly changing jigsaw puzzle, business technology requires insight, knowledge and creativity to continually realign the pieces to ensure a flawless fit – and a perfect picture.

Yet the pieces comprise more than just equipment and software. The puzzle also demands planning, partnership and an understanding of the bigger picture being created.

At Sterling Rose our clients find much more than an information technology services provider.

Strategic Planning

We provide IT solutions, converting constraints into tools and freeing clients to focus on growing their business. We are strategic planners, mapping steps to accommodate that growth when it arrives. And while we respond to clients’ unexpected IT challenges we take steps to keep these to a minimum.

We know what our clients are trying to do because we ask – and remember. And because every business is different, we custom-design each IT solution to fit those unique needs. This makes us an ideal IT partner for small and medium-sized businesses often overlooked by other service providers.


We understand problems are unscheduled. We respond when our clients need us – immediately, online or via telephone. We also recognize that scheduled IT work at times must be done off-hours and accommodate client needs.

Enhanced Efficiencies

We enable clients to maximize the efficiencies of existing IT equipment, software and systems – including mobile technology – helping them avoid unnecessary financial investments. Yet we guide them toward emerging technologies when these best serve their needs – both today and tomorrow. We allow our clients to have their business drive their technology decisions and purchases, not the other way around.

We work with existing service providers, focusing only on the best interests of our clients. By maximizing client IT efficiencies we maximize their business productivity, potential – and profits.


We are OBSESSED with quality. Sterling is our standard of excellence. Whether we are fine-tuning an existing system or building an enterprise-wide network, our commitment to quality is never compromised. When a job is done correctly we create happy and successful clients who return to us and refer us to others. We know they will call us again – just never to fix a problem twice.

Fair Pricing

We offer clients competitive pricing and believe the added value we provide exceeds their investment. We also provide clients with cost flexibility, designing service contracts that fit both their IT needs and budgets.

Experience and Business Knowledge

The roots of Sterling Rose are planted in experience. We understand the business realities of our clients and not simply their IT needs. Our founder and principal, Norman Rosenthal, has experience not only in information technology but also within the Fortune 500, small business and nonprofit sectors, providing us with insight into both the daily demands and long-term aspirations of our clients.

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