iOS 7 and Gadget Goodies

The new iOS 7 for iPhones already has wider acceptance than the upgrade from 5 to 6. While any new software has some issues – did you download the patch, too? – there’s a lot to like.

I’ve preferred the iPhone to the Android phones in part because of their tighter controls over app development. iOS 7 is the third operating-system upgrade for the iPhone and Apple devices while there have been some 10 Droid upgrades. Although open software opens up the Droid devices for more innovation, Apple developers can put more time into their efforts knowing that they will be around longer and their work more profitable.

Before I tell you what I like about iOS 7, I do have one disappointment. I bought a new car, which has the capability for Droid phones to read my email and allow me to use voice-to-text to reply. My iPhone can read the message, but Siri can only respond that I’m driving and will reply later.

With that out of the way, I like the new control center. By swiping up, you can immediately access well-used or needed functions such as a flashlight, clock and timer, calculator and camera and tweak several settings. You can also call back a trashed email message by shaking your iPhone after you delete it – something that can come in handy if you’re trying to handle email while walking.

If you combine the new phone with the new OS, you get much faster navigation. Nav is still better on the older phones, and you get a better keyboard, the ability to brighten your screen and a more functional Siri. One other really good feature is automatic updates.

And, of course, with the gift-giving holidays coming up, now’s the time to start thinking about new gadgets. We should soon be seeing a new iPad and IPad Mini along with ultra-high-def 4K TVs and smart watches.

But one of my new favorites is the Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi speaker system that works with your computer and wireless network to provide Internet radio or music stored on a device throughout your house. My system is set up with five zones, and the speakers in each zone can each play a separate channel or play any combination of channels in any number of zones. The system is controlled by any computer or device that has the software and is connected wirelessly to the router. The only cord it needs is the power cord.

What’s your favorite new gadget? How do you like the new iOS 7 or latest Droid OS? Leave a comment to share your thoughts. If you need any advice about using a device or choosing a gadget, we’re always available to answer your questions by phone – 973-433-6676 – or email.

This article was published in Technology Update, the monthly newsletter from Sterling Rose LLC.