Phones, Autos and Bluetooth

If you’ve purchased a new iPhone or Droid phone and expect it work seamlessly in your relatively new car, you may be experiencing technical difficulties. Phone technology is miles ahead of automotive communications technology.

We have to admit it drove us “nuts” for a while, trying to get our new iPhone to sync with the Bluetooth system in our car. The hands-free voice capability did not work, and for someone – such as yours truly – who is always on the road and needs to communicate with customers having urgent needs, Bluetooth is a necessity.

We contacted a lot of different companies, and we essentially learned that you need to take a step back to move forward. The latest phones use Bluetooth 4; even the newest cars are running Bluetooth 1 or 2.

Thus, your solution is to downgrade the app on your phone to match the Bluetooth version in your car. While it’s not ideal, we understand the reason – as the situation currently exists. Even if you have the latest and greatest communications technology that was available for your car, it quickly goes out of date. And while it’s easy to get a new phone every year and get other devices pretty often, you generally don’t get a new car every year.

We can help you match your phone and other devices to your car’s Bluetooth system. Sometimes we can even walk you through the steps over the phone. Call us at 973-433-6676 or email us for help. Just have your car’s year, make and model info handy as well as the make and model of your cellphone or device. The ultimate answer will be for auto manufacturers and suppliers to figure out a better way for you to upgrade your car’s Bluetooth version, but in the meantime, we can help you now.