Security and On/Off Wi-Fi

We’re seeing more Ring doorbells. They offer you the ability to monitor your door from anywhere through the internet and your Wi-Fi network. But some clients have told us they don’t want their network on at all times because of radio frequency waves.

We don’t share some people’s concerns about damage from radio waves. We carry cell phones in our pockets and hold them up to our ears. We can reduce our exposure to radio waves by using a headset, but nearly everyone uses a Bluetooth device, which operates on…right.

Despite a majority of scientific studies that radio waves from cell phones pose no danger to most people, some like to avoid them wherever possible. And those avoidance steps include shutting off Wi-Fi systems – routers and boosters within a home – for periods of time.

Personally, we believe that defeats the purpose of having a security device, such as Ring, which can record and store images of anyone coming to your door, even if they don’t ring the bell. But your Wi-Fi has to be on, or else you can’t identify a threat to your home.

The issue of no internet or Wi-Fi was brought home to us this past summer with 10 days left on our vacation. We saw that Ring alerts had stopped – because our internet service was down. We were able to contact Verizon while in Europe, and they were able to restore our service as soon as we got home. But during the time it was out, we lost part of our security protection. (For the record, our service was knocked out by a squirrel.) That being said, we can help you set up a program to automatically control the operating times of your Wi-Fi network. Call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us to discuss all the pros, cons and options.