Effective Parental Control on the Internet

Wondering where your kids are wandering on the Internet is a major concern for parents. We’ve found a product we really like in our house. It’s Circle with Disney, a joint effort by Disney and Circle Media. You can buy it online through the Disney store for $100.

For parents, it’s the best solution we’ve seen yet to cover Internet management needs for their children of all ages. In summary, here’s what you can do:

  • Track where your kids go on the Internet from a mobile phone, tablet or computer
  • Block sites you don’t want them to access
  • Track how much time they spend on any website, including homework websites
  • Set a time to shut off Internet access
  • Set a time to allow Internet access
  • Stop access to any website at any time

We installed it a few weeks ago, and we’ve more than happy with its capabilities. They go far beyond the tools provided by many other filters. We also love our accessibility. You can monitor and manage everything from a mobile device.

Circle with Disney gets hardwired into your computer system, and it has a set-up process. While they say the set-up is routine, there are some complexities, especially with how you need to recognize a number of devices. They can have unique information, and you need to program Circle for those devices.

You can order them online or have us order them for you and set it up before we put it on your system. Or, we can remotely set up your Circle once you connect it to computer system and make sure it will do everything you need. Contact us by phone – 973-433-6676 – or email to get your Circle with Disney set up and running to protect your children and you or to answer any questions once it’s running.