Home Router Vulnerability

Your home router is easily your most essential device for connecting businesses and family members to the world. It’s also the most vulnerable opening for hackers. How vulnerable is your router? One good place to look is Port 7547. If it’s closed on your router, it’s safe – for now. If it’s open, you’re vulnerable.

You can test your router by visiting a blog post from Wordfence, which makes a firewall and malware scanner that protects over 2 million WordPress websites. They also monitor attacks on those sites to determine which IPs are attacking them and blocks them in real-time through a blacklist. They recently published a post showing that 6.7 percent of the hacks they see on WordPress sites comes from hacked home routers. Hacking gives them access to workstations, mobile devices, Wi-Fi cameras, Wi-Fi climate control and any other devices that use the home Wi-Fi network. From there, they can implant malware or viruses in your system, which can lead to all sorts of problems.

Hacking through an open Port 7547 is known as the “misfortune cookie,” or MC. ISPs (internet service providers) use the port to manage home routers, and they should configure their network to prevent access by outsiders. But many do not block the port, leaving you vulnerable. By clicking the Scan Me button on the post, you can find out if it’s open or closed.

If it’s closed, your OK for now. You should check back periodically, however, because your ISP could open it for some reason and then forget to re-block it. If it’s open, Wordfence suggests you immediately reboot your router, which may flush out malware. You can also run a virus scan on all computers and devices in your home and update your operating systems. Almost anyone can take these steps.

You may be able to take the more advanced step of upgrading your router firmware, but in most cases, you can’t. In all cases, you can contact your ISP and let them know there’s a security vulnerability in your home router and ask them to help you fix it. You can specifically mention Port 7547.

If you are unable to take all the steps mentioned above, call us immediately at 973-433-6676. We can help you reboot your router and may be able to help you close the port or upgrade the firmware. Just have your router name and model number handy to help us serve you better. If necessary, we can coach you in dealing with your ISP to resolve this important security issue.

If you want to take preventive action on Port 7547 vulnerabilities, call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us to schedule an appointment. Remember, you are your router’s first line of defense.