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Brave New Wireless World

It’s a wireless world out there, and it’s getting “wirelesser” every day. Not getting tangled up in wires can make for carefree experiences – as long as you’re not careless about your online presence. That’s especially true as you travel this summer. Here are some safety tips. First, understand that we are not only living
  • 13 Jun, 2017
  • Norman Rosenthal
  • bluetooth, flying, inflight entertainment, mobile device, public hotspots, travel, vacation, WiFi, wireless,
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How About an App to Navigate Airports?

Trying to cover the distance between gates for connecting flights can be a huge – if not insurmountable – problem for flyers. After catching our breath in Atlanta, I’d like an app that can tell me where my connecting flight is, how I get to that gate and how long it should take me once
  • 14 Mar, 2017
  • Norman Rosenthal
  • AirGrub, airport information, App in the Air, Apple Watch, flying, frequent flyer, gate information, GateGuru, Kayak,, Mobile Passport, MyTSA, navigation, PreCheck®, TripIt,
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