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Touching Base

When was the last time you had someone take a look at your technology for home or office? Did you look at how family members or employees are using any technology that connects to your systems? Think of a tech system checkup as an oil change for your car. Are you overdue?

We like to do computer and technology system checkups in person, especially when a location has numerous devices – computers, routers, printers, TVs, mobile devices, etc. – because we can see a lot more problems as we look around. In addition to fixing problems, we can also perform some preventive maintenance and get you started on an update regimen.

It won’t surprise anyone to know that most of the problems we see the center on updates being installed. Even if you have activated automatic updates, you typically need to restart your computer for them to take effect. Too many people simply leave their computers on all the time and never restart them. So, the longer you have not restarted your computer, the more the updates pile up. When we restart the computer to begin the installation process, the longer it will take for your system to do them in proper sequence – and it will likely include several restarts.

In addition to the time it takes to install a long line of updates, you run the risk of not having the right tools to run the updates in an automated sequence. That means it all has to be done manually, increasing time and cost. We frequently get calls from clients who called software support and found their reboot or restart was taking too long.

We also run into problems where people have not backed up all their files because they’ve run out of room on the online storage that comes with a plan, such as iCloud space for an iPhone or iPad. That problem can be solved easily and inexpensively by increasing your capacity to 99 cents per month for 50 GB of space. It can even be done on the fly. One of our clients was traveling abroad five years ago and needed to increase his space immediately to save the pictures he was taking. Within a minute, he took the minimum increase, and he still has lots of storage space left as he takes more and more photos.

When it comes to storage space, one month of additional capacity can be much less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee at any Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

Call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us to set up a checkup. Preventive maintenance can make your system more efficient and safer – and it may prevent a crash at an inopportune time, such as on a weekend when we all have special plans we don’t want to interrupt.