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Too Many Gadgets

It’s confession time. We have too many gadgets in our house, and the byte-load finally bit us by causing disruptions in service and performance. Who was the big culprit?

We fingered Google in our house, but the accusation came after a long process of elimination. We’ve had a performance issue for the past few years, noticing that even though our network showed four bars, we didn’t have four-bar performance. Over that time, we took things apart, looking at captures; that’s our technical term for what’s actually online.

We started by investigating our router and then started changing switches. Eventually, we started removing devices – all Google devices. The problem went away. We had read on the internet that a lot of people had similar problems. They all involved Google Home, Google Nest, Google Hub and Google Chromecast. Here’s what was happening. When the devices awoke from a sleep mode, they sent large packets of data through the network, which disturbed performance if it didn’t crash the network.

The weird part was that it affected our cable TV boxes. I noticed it especially while having the TV on in my office.  There would be times when the TV would simply go out. Once we removed the Google devices from the network, the problems disappeared.

The Google devices are now tucked away on a shelf, and we’re making more use of Alexa. However, we should hasten to add that our Google problem could have been exacerbated by having a large number of devices on our network. We’re a highly connected family, but we’re not much different from the norm. Many households have computers, phones and tablets for all family members, and many of those devices could have been added since the start of the pandemic as we’ve increased our online activity. We also may have added more smart TVs.

As a result, it’s easy to overload your network’s capability and impact the performance of every connected device. If you’re having a problem, removing Google devices like we did might solve your problem. But you might also need to upgrade your router and other network components to meet your needs and wants.

We can help you get the performance you need. Call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us to talk about your network, the devices on your network and your performance expectations. Sometimes, less is more, but sometimes, too, you need to add more to get more. A smart look can make your smart devices seem like geniuses.