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The Gift of Life: Our Holiday Greetings (and Request) for 2023

Dear Valued Client and Friend,

In light of recent events that have deeply touched my family and me, we are not going to send out our typical holiday card or any gifts. Instead, we will be making a donation to NAMI (  in your honor and in memory of our dear friend, Michael E Wanzie, who took his own life on November 15, right before the holiday season.

We believe this will be a better use of funds, helping those in need during the holiday season. It’s the worst time of year for people suffering from depression. It also seems to be a taboo to talk about it.

Why? I cannot tell you.

But I can encourage you to do two things.

First and most important, please reach out to your friends and family to make sure all is well or give them a caring ear to unburden their feelings. If you need assistance, I am always happy to be a good listener. If anyone needs immediate assistance, please call 988.

Second, I ask you to make a donation to NAMI or a charitable organization of your choice. They can use the funds more than we need cards, nuts, cookies etc.

We wish you a gratefully joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year, and we thank you for your continued support.


Norman and the Sterling Rose Family