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School-Dazed Networks

A talk on “The Global Technology Outlook” by William La Fontaine, Vice President of Technical Strategy & Worldwide Operations Research, IBM, at the Morris County Chamber of Commerce raised a lot of interesting points about the role technology needs to play to help our students be competitive in the job market. As a parent and IT specialist, I have strong opinions to share.

We need to continuously upgrade our curricula and ways we learn to prepare our students to find good jobs and provide the workforce our country needs for economic growth and sustainability. Today’s college degree is yesterday’s high school diploma, and tomorrow’s college degree will need to be today’s graduate degree.

Smart and powerful technology will play a key role as educators and students learn how to find and use more resources and develop more and better collaborative tools. They will do this in their own classrooms and then expand to classrooms or collaborative groups that can be located anywhere in the world.

To me, the prospects for my children are exciting beyond my imagination.

However, our schools tend to have older equipment that can’t keep up with the devices students and teachers can bring to classes. Computers are old and slow, and the Wi-Fi networks can’t handle the traffic needed to provide the best learning opportunities in school.

If you are reading this, you know how important it is to have the right technology to receive and send information, and you know what it takes to do it. We need to demand and support initiatives that teach our teachers how to make full use of technology, and we need to demand and support measures that ensure our schools have the necessary tools – computers and networks – to handle the Internet traffic that deliver educational resources.

I was impressed by the global technology R&D efforts that William La Fontaine outlined at the Morris County Chamber. I’ll be really impressed when I see schools and parents working together to implement new ways of learning that give our students a leg up in meeting future challenges head-on.

What’s going to impress you? You’re invited to leave a comment.

This article was published in Technology Update, the monthly newsletter from Sterling Rose LLC.