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Protect Your Networks as IoT Grows

What can’t we do over the Internet? Pretty soon, the answer will be: Practically nothing. We may not live like the Jetsons, but in the expanding age of IoT (the Internet of Things), we can do all sorts of things, from turning lights on and off to connecting with life-saving healthcare information and equipment systems. While the future is bright, you need your “shades” in form of network protection.

Here’s why it’s critical: Every device and every app that you use over the Internet exposes you to hackers who can get into your network and computer system and those of other people and businesses. Your network router or gateway is your first line of defense. There’s nothing magic about what you need to do to protect it.

The first thing is to turn on your router’s or gateway’s firewall. It sounds so basic, but we’re always amazed at the number of people who simply neglect it. You’ll need a password for it, and our advice is to make it long and to include at least of the four following characteristics: a lower case letter, an upper case letter, a numeral and a special character. If your computer has a firewall, turn it on, too, and make sure you have anti-virus and malware protection installed, updated and activated.

But network security is more vital than ever because the devices you use for a smart home, for example, may not have built-in security or a strong security system. Every time you turn lights on and off, lock and unlock a door or change your thermostat over the Internet, you can be vulnerable to a hack. If you are on a secure network, and if your network in your smart home is secure, you’ll be much better able to protect your system (and all of the data).

Network security can be even more critical for businesses. Some types of businesses depend on remote access to sensitive files than others, and those files could contain information on your business or your customers’ businesses that a hacker can use to monetize in any number of ways.

If you are buying and activating more smart systems as you expand your Internet of Things, we urge you to talk to us. We can help you understand the security risks you need to manage and help you select the security systems that can best manage those risks. No system is foolproof or perfect, but making yours as strong as possible will minimize your risk of getting hacked. Call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us to strengthen your existing security system or find a new one.