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New Service to Manage Your Virus Protection

We’re responding to that nasty world out there by launching a new service to manage your virus protection. By taking a proactive approach, we can help you stay ahead of the nasties – insidious virus codes and the people who spread them. Here are the details.

We will now install and manage anti-virus software on your computer or computer system for as little as $4.25 per month. While we have avoided recurring, on-going fees, we believe this makes a lot of sense for you. In many ways, its’ an extension of services we already offer.

Many of our customers rely on us to monitor their systems remotely so that we can fix certain problems when they appear, and our customers give us access to their systems so that we can keep them running at peak performance.

We get alerts when a virus or malware is detected, and if something looks like it’s getting out of control, we get continuous messages. In one case, we got a message on a client’s machine that didn’t seem out of the ordinary. During lunch, which happened to be right near our client’s office, the messages escalated. We went there immediately to help out and resolved the issue. Our client’s boss saw us there and asked what we were doing. The client explained how we jumped in and said: “That’s why we have Norman.”

That’s what we do.

Now, we can monitor your system for viruses and reach out to fix problems, including making “house calls” if needed. As with everything else we do, we’ll make it a point to fix your problem as soon as possible.

Unlike some other anti-virus products or services, we don’t require annual renewals. Stay with us for as long as you like and cancel your service at any time. For companies with four or more computers, we can bill you quarterly. Make your life less worrisome. Contact us by phone – 973-433-6676 – or email for more information or to sign up for our anti-virus protection management.