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Manage Your IT Details When You Move

It happens too many times just because stuff happens when you move your office. We work with clients to make sure we have all the electric outlets and jack connections for new office space. But sometime between planning time and moving day, things change for any variety of reasons. But when we’re not updated, there are consequences.

We recently spent a lot of time with a client to layout the IT for their new office space. We walked through their old office space with them to inventory what equipment they were taking with them and determine how many electrical outlets and jacks they would need for phones and data. We then matched all their IT equipment to the floor plan of their new space, and that gave us the knowledge we needed to have everything ready to make connections and minimize any operational downtime during the move.

It should be straightforward, but that’s not always the case, especially with new construction, also referred to as buildout. When an office setup uses existing walls, we can typically match up their equipment to the existing network. Very little – if nothing – should change from what we’ve planned and confirmed. Unfortunately, buildouts can change the locations of various items between the planning stage and moving day.

A lot of headaches can be prevented if office managers remember to keep the IT team in the loop as buildout or construction plans change. We’ve had instances where electrical outlets and jacks have been moved from where we expected them to be. We’ve had instances where walls have been made of materials we can’t go through.

When we come in to install our equipment, we’re forced to make changes on the fly. There may be a need to move furniture and equipment or cover wiring to protect the connections needed to make sure the network stays intact so people can do their work. Making quick decisions for long-term solutions is not always the best way to operate.

One misconception related to the on-the-fly changes is thinking that we can just use wireless technology to work around connectivity issues. Many database applications commonly used in offices are not compatible with wireless technology. Installing a mesh network now could lead to problems later when an office either adds more work areas or the database app needs to change.

The best way to avoid problems on moving day is to make sure you consult your IT people when you plan your move and update them when you make changes. Call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us when you start planning your new office space. We can help you make sure all your IT needs are accounted for in your plans. And get back in touch with us when you make changes, so we can make sure everything is in place on moving day.