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Just a Friendly Reminder

Our expertise is information technology (IT), but in every other way, we’re just like you. When we have a problem with something outside our expertise, we can worry ourselves sick until we find a trusted service provider with the right connections to solve our problem.

Every problem has two solutions. The first solution deals with the immediate problem at hand, which may be getting a computer to boot up properly or restoring lost data. The second solution is to figure what caused the problem and fix that. Both are variations of the KISS principle: Keep it simple, stupid. Don’t let extraneous matters complicate solutions and cause other problems down the line.

The KISS principle springs into action in how we deal with you, our clients, and with any technical support personnel and systems we have to go through to solve your problem. As you’ve likely experienced, whenever you call a technical support number or get directed to an online support chat session, you’re dealing either with a person or bot that’s following a script. They’re essentially programmed to provide answers to a range of problems because their data and experiences show that they solve most of the problems most of the time.  

When you get frustrated by the scripts and the bots, you can call companies like Apple (1-800-MyApple) and Amazon and generally get a human with better voice skills than most. Google is another story, but let’s not complicate the issue.

The problem that can arise is that the person with the script may not be able to understand your question based on what they’re expecting to hear – or that you may not completely understand the solution they’re offering because it has terms unfamiliar to you. The solution here is that we know you and your problem, and we know the lingo they use.

If we can’t solve your technical problem, we’re able to make phone calls together with you to get the solution you need. We can act as your interpreter to translate your problem to the technical people at a call center and then translate their answers into a process you can follow.

But even before we get to that point, we also can look at event logs stored on your computer or use other steps to see what’s causing your problem and solve it. Our goal is to keep it simple for you, and simply make sure your technology does what you need it to do.

One simple thing you can do to make sure your data is safe is to develop an automated backup plan to an offsite server on a regular basis. Whatever problems we encounter, the most efficient solution starts with having data intact. Recovering data can be the most complex process we encounter, and it has the least likelihood of a 100 percent successful outcome.

We can help make sure your problems are solved as completely and efficiently as possible. Call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us for help – and that includes getting on the phone with a support organization to make sure you ask the right questions and get the right answers. We keep it simple for you.