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Doing the Right Thing

Taking a few extra minutes early in the process of preparing a quote for new and existing clients saves hours of time and lots of money down the road. We believe it’s the right thing to do to serve you better. You depend on us to make sure your IT system delivers the performance and reliability you need to run your business.

For new clients, we always like to visit the site whenever possible to see what physical factors we need to account for in our proposals. We recently won a project to install a firewall for a VPN that was used for remote access by employees. We were the only IT company that went out to the facility to get the full picture and better understand how the company works.

Whether it’s for a new or existing client, more detailed information helps us all agree on the best solution. In this case, we were able to provide tighter security and easier access by creating environments for specific people in the organization.

When employees log in, the system puts them into the programs they need to do their work. When they log off or close the program they’re using, they go off the company’s system. And with limits to where each user can go, it prevents anyone from just browsing information they have no business seeing.

Just to add a quick note about security and system performance, one of the things we can determine during our fact-finding sessions is the best level of security for your business. Setting security too high, for example, might slow your sales force’s access to critical information, and that could slow your cash flow or cost a sale.

So, make time to talk to us and share the information that helps us serve you better. In the long run, you should be more efficient and more profitable. Email or call (973-433-6676) us for an assessment of your IT system and its capability to meet your business needs.

This article was published in Technology Update, the monthly newsletter from Sterling Rose LLC.