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Comeback Story

A long-time client left us a few years ago because they thought their security processes for multiple technology systems needed the attention of a larger IT organization. As they went along with their new IT company, they found things weren’t getting done as quickly as we had done them, and that was costing them money.

We are more than happy to have them back. We’re always happy when clients come back because it reaffirms to us that our process and knowledge matter more than size when it comes to solving technology issues.

Our sweet spot is small offices, which can have fewer than 100 people. Most of our clients have fewer than 20 people, but their size and ours don’t matter. It’s performance that counts, and we believe our knowledge of each client’s system is our big differentiator.

Yet at the same time, we know that some clients will leave because somebody will promise more than we’re delivering and maybe promise it at a lower cost. With money as a driver, any decision to leave or come back to a service provider should look at the cost of making the move and what you hope to save with your new provider.

Whenever you move, there’s a cost for your new provider to bring you into their system. The client had to pay their new IT provider to bring them in, and they had to pay us to bring them back. On our side of the process, we saw that their temporary files and some user profiles had not been managed efficiently. The big need was to free up space on the hard drive of each computer.

Since they left in April of 2022, we had to clean up almost two years of extra files. In the beginning, it took us about one hour of time to restore hard drive space on each computer, but once we got the process rolling, we were able to cut that time in half. Part of that time reduction was due to our knowledge of their system and where to look to get everything back on track. That’s an advantage of personal service. When we had their business before, I learned how to configure their systems for optimum performance and kept extensive notes.

We hope our newly returned clients stay around for a long time because our IT service keeps their systems humming profitably for them.

If you’re a former client who’s dissatisfied with your new IT provider or any business, professional services firm, or non-profit organization looking for a new provider, call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us to talk about what improvements you’d like to make to your technology.