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Big-Picture Solution

When a new client wanted to go wireless in their new space, we found a way to wire it now and avoid future problems. The client is happy we offered the alternative, and that’s what got us the business.

There were two compelling reasons to wire the space.

The first reason was that the company, which does interior space planning, uses printers and plotters that cannot be connected over a wireless network. We noticed that when we went to their old offices the night before the move to disconnect all their systems.

The second compelling reason was that the opportunity was there.

Here’s how those two reasons fit together.

We had blocked out an entire day to install their equipment in their new office space, and that turned out to be a good move. From studying the map of where everything was supposed to go, we had envisioned a half-day of work. But experience has taught us that something always pops up.

When we arrived at the new offices, we noticed immediately that the floor below was vacant and that there was easy access to the space between the two floors. Our client’s new offices also had floor jacks to accommodate computers and work stations.

To our way of thinking, that was a bonus. We started to wire the office. The client agreed with our belief that wired systems are more reliable than wireless, and because there was wide-open space, it would be less disruptive and less expensive to do the wiring while moving in.

In the few weeks they’ve been in their new space, they’ve been running at top speed with no signal interruptions. That’s the benefit an experienced IT service firm can bring to a business. If you’re moving, we can look at your equipment, your new space and your business needs and help you optimize your information management system.

If you’re planning a move, call us – 973-433-6676 – or email us to look at your new space and plan a setup that works for you.