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Norman Rosenthal

Norman Rosenthal

Norman Rosenthal is founder and principal of Sterling Rose, an information technology support firm that partners with small and medium-sized companies to strategically plan for cost-effective IT solutions and business success.

Norman’s passions for information technology run deep. He began immersing himself in the oncoming tide of IT as a youth in 1983 when he would dissect and rebuild the family computer. His love for and knowledge of computers was honed following high school and then combined with business education courses before he set off into the business world.

Norman brings to Sterling Rose and its clients a unique balance of IT knowledge and work experience in both large and small businesses as well as the nonprofit sector. In 1990 he founded a small PC sales company. Later he served in various IT support positions at Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T and UPS; medium-sized firms in the IT support, accounting and consulting, staffing and geotechnical/remediation sectors; and a nonprofit. It was in this variety of sales and support activities that Norman developed his love for helping others, a cornerstone of his business today. In 2005 he returned to his entrepreneurial passion and founded Sterling Rose.

This wealth of experience in both information technology and a cross-section of business sectors provides Norman with an in-depth knowledge of both best practices and small business constraints. He understands the IT needs of smaller companies but also their wider business requirements, realities and aspirations. This enables him to become a partner with clients, working closely with them to strategically plan for their IT needs of both today and those that will come tomorrow. As an entrepreneur he also appreciates the importance of cost-effective allocation of resources and prices his services to fit client needs and budgets.

Nearly 30 years after dissecting and rebuilding computers, Norman continues to enjoy building networks, enhancing equipment efficiency, updating software and all the other aspects of providing IT support and solutions. Yet perhaps his strongest passion remains his greatest business asset, as well – his drive to help clients put together all the pieces of their unique technology puzzle.

“We ask companies, ‘What are you trying to do?’ Then we determine how to help them do that in a way that will improve their productivity, enhance their efficiency, prepare their business for success and protect them, all as cost-effectively as possible. I love knowing I helped people solve a problem.”

Norman has received training and certification from Microsoft and Novell. He is married to Danit and they have two children, Charlie, Leah and a dog Princess.