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Sterling Rose FAQs

We Make the Pieces Fit
Like the pieces of a puzzle that must fit together flawlessly to form a perfect picture, the various components of technology that keep your business running must be ideally aligned to allow you to reach your fullest potential. With technology changing daily, businesses often need an extra hand putting every piece into place.
Turn Technology into a Sharper Tool
Too often small and medium-sized companies allow their technology to drive business decisions or hamper business growth rather than using technology to create opportunities. Strategically planned, properly implemented and efficiently maintained IT systems enable businesses to achieve greater efficiencies, potential and production.
The Power of Partnership
At Sterling Rose we value each client relationship as a partnership. While we provide information technology support and solutions, more importantly we become partners in strategic planning that enables a business to focus less on recurring IT challenges and more on creating profits.
We enable our clients to:
  • Maximize efficiencies of existing IT equipment and software
  • Acquire new equipment and software when necessary –
    fitting both need and budget
  • Make new and old systems work together
  • Plan to grow – we prepare you for expected success
  • Focus more on running their business
Our clients enjoy:
  • Cost-effective IT solutions
  • 24/7 rapid response
  • Onsite or remote support
  • Corporate-quality email, backup and security
  • Competitive and flexible pricing
  • Partnership with an IT services provider who knows their business and what they are trying to do – because we ask